Sunday, April 30, 2006

Finally Some Pictures!

Here is a picture of daddy dressing K. It is quite an event to watch and I think daddy gets more enjoyment out of it than K does.
The little baby gowns are perfect for going over the top of K's brace. We like this little baby in a bag.

K is sending a hello wave to all her many admirers. I know there are quite a few out there because she has a wardrobe to prove it. Kat, we got your dresses and she will definitely be one stylin' baby! Maybe she will be able to wear one of them for your wedding! Can't wait for you to meet her. Things are going well here, but it seems like everything is happening at one time. The semester is wrapping up for me so there are finals to make and classes to plan. K is growing so fast and Nate and I just want to freeze her like this. Guess we will have to do that through the millions of pictures:) Hope all of you are having a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I'll take that baby in a bag! So cute!

Love and Kisses!

Mom G