Monday, April 17, 2006

Making us Laugh

K was introduced to her bumbo toady. She was very unhappy that mommy had not come home yet to feed her. She started letting us know how unhappy she was, so I pulled out her bumbo to see if that would make her happy for a short time until mommy got home. To add to the distraction, I put in a Baby Einstein video for her to watch. At first she just looked around as you can see in the picture above.

Then she looked at Twinkie who is not visible in the picture above. She did not seem to interested in the video, but was satisfied with her seat.

Then she saw pictures on the TV that looked like this. She became captivated.

This was K for a few minutes until mommy made it home and walked in to see this beautiful site. We all had a good laugh.


Kat said...

This cracks me up... seriously!

Tclaytor said...

I've seen these at the store and always wondered what they were about. So do you recommend them? I'm wondering if this is something I would want.

aunt amy said...

i think that the bumbo is great. we are unable to put kendall in it right now because of the harness. instead of taking a highchair seat or something like that when she is eating babyfood, you can just take the bumbo and put it on the table. it is made out of a foam like material and is pretty light. as soon as she is able to get out of the harness, i know that she will spend quite a bit of time sitting in it.