Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Twos are Fun!!!

Here are some pictures of K with her newest hairstyle.
What a cutie!!!
You know when you got it!!!
K is growing so much. Sometimes I feel like I've blinked and she has become her own little woman. This past weekend my brother got married and K was the flower girl. I was so worried about what she was or wasn't going to do, but she did amazingly well! Of course, I bribed her into staying on the stage with candy, but she did so much better than I expected. I was such a proud mommy. We are now going full force with the potty training. She will go to the potty almost all day long, which is amazing for a just turned two year old. She loves her Dora pull-ups and she just amazes us every day. Pictures are coming of the wedding, but we are still waiting to get some of them from our family and friends. Hope all of you are having a great day, we know we are.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Series of Firsts at TWO

Isn't she adorable?
Well, our little rose is doing a lot of things now at the ripe old age of two. She has killed her first bug with a letter from her Leap Pad refrigerator magnet (grandaddy was taking too long) and she has gone in the potty four times in ONE day!!!! She seems to be catching on to the whole potty training thing rather well. She hasn't been in her brace for awhile because of her asthma, but she is growing up so fast. The picture above is what daddy does with K's diapers now. The first time he did this she was really confused. Sometimes being silly is just plain fun!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm Going to be Two!!!

Believe it or not, our little one is going to be two TOMORROW! I just can't believe that she has been a part of our lives for two years. It is an exciting time, but it is also a very bittersweet one as well. How did she get so big so fast?
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have hair now. She has a gigantic mass of curls and the only time they lay flat is if she has just had a bath and had her hair washed. Still hasn't had her first haircut, but mommy is dragging her feet on this one. Mommy and daddy like the "wild" look!
Here was K's birthday cake. We did an Elmo theme party and she had a blast. We had a lot of people here and it was crazy, but fun. She enjoyed entertaining everyone and I think she enjoyed her many presents as well. Thank you to all of you out there that showered her with cool kid stuff:)
Here K is in her "I am 2" hat and her "wish" shirt. Talk about adorable.
Yummy. Red frosting makes for great pictures. Have a great day everyone!!!
Special message from K: ;'kkkl;.;vc

Monday, January 07, 2008

Friday, January 04, 2008

K Hard at Work

K now has a baby named Ariel (the mermaid but with legs for some reasons). She is a lot of work. She came with a birthday set so K has to always keep up with her birthday preparations. K even seems to help her celebrate the b-day several times a day by giving her a cupcake, pretending to eat her cupcake, pressing the anoying button on the gift box that plays 12 notes of the happy b-day song and then trying to sing along with it only to begin right around the 10th note (it is cute).
K also has a cabbage patch baby that seems to not be feeling quite right. After checking her breathing with her stethoscope, K is checking her temperature in this pic. Poor baby. It could have something to do with K constantly picking the poor doll up by the patch of hair on its head and toting it around.
Here K seems to have slid over a bit too much and accidentally knocked Ariel off of the bench. It was great watching her help Ariel back on the bench and then get on it again herself without knocking Ariel off again.
Here K is feeding Ariel some of the soup she fixed in her new kitchen. Did I mention that Ariel has a bib and diaper? Yeah... She seems to have no problem keeping up with Ariel's bib, but Ariel seems to have been going commando the past few days. We wonder if K changed Ariel's diaper and threw it in the trash because it was dirty. Who knows?
Here is K hard at work in her new kitchen. She loves it. She has milk, coffee, and apple juice on tap as well as water.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Reflections of a Year

At the end of every year, I like to reflect on the events of that year. This year has been one of the most different years we have ever had. We started the year out with K turning one year old and she spent that day celebrating with her second cast, which she of course threw off. February Nate resigned from the church and became a stay-at-home dad. He did a wonderful job and we prepared to move to Alabama. No jobs, no home, but we were doing it anyway. People say walking by faith is difficult and they are not lying.
I finished up the school year in Georgia and then we moved to Alabama, still with no jobs. Our house is still on the market and we are still waiting on what to do with that. We got to Alabama and Nate did get a job and I am teaching at the school I graduated from. God provided for us and we are constantly reminded that He is going to take care of us.
It has been a difficult year because K was put in a scoliosis brace and her asthma has been acting up, which makes it difficult for her to remain in the brace due to breathing issues. It is hard to know we have a house that is empty in Georgia, but God can sell a house even in the worst of markets.
I guess the purpose of this reflection is to remind me of the many blessings we have. K turns two this month and I am reminded that every year is a great year because of her. Nate and I are constantly amazed at how beautiful she is becoming and we know that God has given us a great responsibility in making sure she is cared for in the way He would want. I hope that all of you will reflect on your year and realize that you are blessed in so many ways. Even the worst situations could be even more difficult. Happy New Year to all of you!!!