Wednesday, April 26, 2006


We had a good report yesterday at the Shriner's Hospital. K's harness is doing its job and her hip is getting better. This is the first time that we have gone to the hospital and not had some bad news so it was a breath of fresh air. She will probably be in the harness for the next five weeks, but I will not have to take her back to the hospital for two weeks. Thank you all for your prayers. We greatly appreciate them and we know God is in control. Please continue to pray for us and K. K's hip needs to continue to progress. We need to continue to find strength through our Savior Jesus Christ.

It has been very tough for us to continue to have one surprise problem after another each time we go to the doctor. It has been challenging to understand Romans 8:28 throughout the past few months. I am confident that we will see one day how God has worked through this situation in more ways than we can imagine. We have literally had visits to this site from all over the world. So, who knows how God will touch people's lives through K.

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