Friday, April 14, 2006

More Indiana Pics

Uncle Nate took time to enjoy the tent we made upstairs for C. He is smiling in this picture, but he really did fall asleep in the tent. I guess he just played too hard. C told us scarey stories in the tent and it was a lot of fun. He definitely kept us busy this break.
Uncle James holds K as she takes time to just enjoy the nice weather outside. Uncle James could get her to smile every time. I think it is because he reminds her of daddy.
Here is a reason why Uncle Nate fell asleep in the tent. C kept him running around after robots and other bad guys. Just when you thought he had settled down he gets his second wind. It was wonderful to just play around with him because we only get to talk to him on the phone. It just isn't the same thing. We are blessed with a wonderful family and I can't wait for the time when K can run around and play with her cousin. I am not rushing it, but I know that it will be a lot of fun.


athena-stars said...

hello there, i'm just a passing by reader..

i just want to say, i think its amazing that you take this in stride. have faith, stay strong, there are many things in this world, beyond human understanding...only to God.

in him we turn to, in him we lay our faith in, in him we believe, regardless of your faith..

Kat said...

BEAUTIFUL Pictures!! :)