Saturday, April 22, 2006

Let the Good Times Roll

K is definitely feeling better now. I think she has almost gotten back to her normal self. The brace doesn't bother nearly as much as it did at the beginning. She smiles and coos and just looks adorable. Mr. Fan is very precious to her and we enjoy watching her discover the world around her.
This was taken before K went to Shriner's last week. As you can see, she is very alert when the flash goes off on the camera. Almost looks scared, doesn't she:) Those big eyes are so funny when she has been startled by something. She is definitely growing on us. I don't think we will send her back to the store. She's a keeper.

1 comment:

karim said...

I love her smile! may God bless her.
Send her back to the store? Why? have they all the riches to buy such a jewelry? :)