Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Snuggle Time

This is my favorite thing to do with K. She likes to get Eskimo kisses and I love giving them. I think you can plainly see that she enjoys it almost as much as I do.
I love being a mom. I think that is all I can really say about that one:)


Anonymous said...

Snuggling is one of the best things about babies. They are so cuddly. ;-) So glad and grateful for good news about her hip. Just keep looking up. She's a wonderful little girl and so precious to all of us. We miss her and you guys. Loved the picture of all her friends. ;-)

Love you and praying for you!

Mom G

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cute birth announcement-it's great to have K on our fridge door! Can't wait to meet her in May. Good luck with the final month of school, I know how hectic that is!
Mom Rosene