Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mom and Dad Time

Clearly I have been remiss in my duties as a blogger mother:) Sorry for the delay on pictures, but life has been hectic. The end of the school year is always crazy for me and Nate is getting ready for revival at our church. Thank you for the many prayers. K is doing great and she has even started to laugh at her silly daddy. Talk about fun.
Mommy and K are just relaxing. K is staring at the fan in case you were wondering. What else would she be doing?
Daddy and I love that baby smell. No one needs substances to get that high. Just sniff a baby:) K is doing well with the brace and we are getting used to it as well. However, we have both decided that we will never complain about changing diapers after having to change it through the brace. Talk about difficult. Bath time will definitely be a lot more fun in the future, but K is getting to enjoy her sponge baths finally. Those little smiles just make your heart melt. We are in love and sometimes it is amazing how much.

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