Thursday, March 30, 2006

Those Cute Baby Smiles

Now that is a face that anyone could love. I am not biased in any way, but I do believe that I have the most beautiful baby in the world. She makes my days better when I come home in the afternoon. It doesn't matter how bad the day is, she makes it worth every minute when she smiles. Almost every day that I have come home she has a smile waiting for me. Not to mention, she wants to talk the minute I get home. She makes being a mother a wonderful thing. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
This is K's surprise face. She loves her tongue. She just wants the world to know that she is cute and proud of it. She is actually talking to Uncle Eric right now. She is definitely becoming more vocal. Of course, she comes by that honestly. Her mother and father hardly ever stop talking. At least, definitely her mother (I know mom and dad).

Uncle Eric's Got The Touch

As you can see, Uncle Eric has taken up where he left off (a human pillow). There wasn't any problem with her and Uncle Eric getting along. Of course, Eric doesn't mind it one bit.
Obviously, K is the cuter of the two.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Home from Shriner's

We have made it home from a good visit at the Shriner's hospital. The picture above was taken before we went to the hospital. K was enjoying daddy being silly. We have had a long day, but K had the longest. We enjoyed the visit as much as any parent can enjoy a situation such as this.

The examination was very thorough. The results of the visit were that they want to perform surgery when she is around a year old. There would be, from what I understood, around three surgeries. The first two would be to remove the Amniotic Band, and the third would be to release her fingers from her palm. They did not think that amputation would be something that needs to take place. However, the fingers that are fused to her hand are also fused together so she would not have a normal hand. She will probably not have a functional hand either. She will have a hand that she can use in some ways and she will only need a prosthesis for cosmetic purposes.

The exam was very thorough and in it the doctors saw some things they wanted to check on further. For this reason I have to return with her in a few weeks to get an ultrasound on her right hip to make sure that everything is where it needs to be. This is something that they had a little concern about, but are obviously not too concerned about because there is no rush to get it looked into further.

We will be going back to the group that works at the Scottish Rite in almost a month. At that point we will see what the doctor has to say and then Christa and I will be able to decide which orthopedic surgeon to use. Please keep us in prayer as we have some tough decisions to make. This whole situation is tough and it is tough to see God's purposes through this situation, but we know He has a plan for K and us in it.

Well, that is all for now. Thank you for all your prayers.

At Shriner's

Just wanted everyone to know that we are at the hospital and waiting to get a room that K will see her doctors in (I guess). I am posting this from a computer that they have for parents to use. Kinda cool if you ask me. This is a place where any kid would love to come because they have all sorts of cool stuff. Well, I had better run. Thanks for all your prayers!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

K Has A New Cuz

Meet MEG. She was born on 3/11/06. She is my brother's little girl. Isn't she a doll! She is in one of K's outfits that they borrowed because MEG was born a little premature.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Play Time

K enjoys talking to the little bears over her playpen. She seems to think they understand her and she loves just looking at their eyes. Eeyore also keeps her company while she plays.
K smiles big for the camera. She might not have any teeth, but I think she has the best smile ever! She enjoys the fact that she has us wrapped around her little finger. It is amazing how quickly she is growing. She is already out of newborn diapers and that is a big shock to mommy. Can't believe she is gaining so much weight!

Are You My Mother?

As an English teacher, I felt that K should begin reading the classics. This was one of my favorite books as a child and I couldn't be more excited in the fact that I am able to share these little treasures with my little girl. I also plan on reading The Hobbit to her, but obviously that will be a little while from now. She is accumulating quite a few books in her little time her on earth and I know what Santa will be getting her in the future.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sleeping Beauty

K has begun to be aware of her hand a lot more now. As you can see, she uses it to hold her pacifier sometimes. We just love the baby bag outfit because no one has to worry about socks. We do go to the Shriner's on Monday and we will be sure to let you all know how she is doing. Thank you for the prayers.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Daddy Peek-A-Boo Time

Can it get any better than this? I think not!!!

Thank You Math Department

K has just recently tried out her new Fisher Price chair. The math department at SCHS gave this as a shower gift and we very thankful. K has been blessed with many neat gadgets and her wardrobe is more fashionable than mine:) She is smiling and also enjoys the game of peek-a-boo. She hasn't really given a full laugh yet, but I know that it is only a matter of time. She was a little moody for Aunt Amy today, but I think some of that had to do with the shots. She is out of her newborn diapers now, which is very sad. I want her to stay little forever. I guess we can't have it that way, but now I understand it when parents say that children grow so fast. Blink once and she grows 2 inches!

Pediatrician Update

Well, I don't have any pictures as I am doing this at work, but I wanted to let everyone know how K did at the doctor's yesterday. She weighs 9 lbs. and 1 oz right now and she has grown to 20 1/2 inches. She is going to be a short chubby baby. I had a hard time listening to her cry during the shots and I had to leave before they gave them to her. That is the hardest thing to do I think. I can't fix her and then afterwards she is moody. She did sleep very well last night and I think that must be her coping mechanism. Fortunate for us I guess. Thanks again for all of the prayers. We will be going to the Shriner's on Monday to find out more about her arm. We will let you know what happens.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Mommy's First Day Back At School

Christa went back to school today and K got shot. Okay, it may not be as bad as it sounds. Christa's first day back at school went well from what she said and K got her first round of shots. She did not like it to say the least. Her aunt Amy could hear her screaming out in the waiting room. It was a painful experience. Christa did make it to the doctor in time to stand outside the door and cringe as I held her for the nurse. The result is that she is not in a good mood tonight. She is wanting to be held constantly but thankfully she is getting some sleep right now and she may sleep through the night if we are lucky.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Grandmom and Grandaddy Time

Well, it is settled. K has grandmom and grandaddy wrapped around her little finger. I think it is safe to say that they don't mind one bit.
Grandmom is enjoying a heart-to-heart talk with K. I think K is actually listening.
What a cute little picture. K is really enjoying her extra love time. I think she might be getting a little bit spoiled, but that is what grandparents are for right? Who can help it when she is so beautiful? Mom and dad will be going home on Monday, but Aunt Amy will be staying behind to watch K while I go back to work.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mommy's Doll

K is becoming such an interesting little person. She talks to us and shares her problems. Of course, we try to fix them , but sometimes we just don't get it. Grandmom, grandaddy and Aunt Amy are coming tomorrow and K is so excited. I think grandmom and grandaddy are more excited, but who can blame them? I return to work on Monday, but it is great to know that she will be at home with Aunt Amy while I am at work. God gives us the strength, but I need all the prayers I can get.

Told You

Ladies and gentlemen, I now present the smiling K!!! I told you that I would keep you posted and what can I say? She is gorgeous. That smile will get me through the worst days. God has given me a blessing and that toothless grin is a double blessing.

Monday, March 13, 2006

K Goes Sightseeing

Some people seem to be of the opinion that K does not get out enough. Well, for your information, she has gone to church as well as taking some interesting trips in the past two days. You can tell by the look on her face that she is having a good time. See!!!

Waving to Pappa G

K was unwilling to talk to Pappa G today and after he got off the phone she started waving. We had to get a pic and show everyone. So Cute!!!

Before & After

well, k is growing for sure! the pic on the right is from the hospital and the one on the left is from a few days ago. she was swallowed by the outfit in the hospital and now she fills it.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Conversations with Daddy

K enjoys talking with daddy about the facts of life. She is apparently very vocal about her opinions and I am sure we are going to be in for it when she begins using words. I could listen to her for hours as she just converses with us and doesn't understand why we don't get it.
This is one of my favorite faces. She purses those little lips and it is like she is truly contemplating her life. Sure it might be gas, but it is cute isn't it? She is also smiling a lot more now and hopefully we will capture some of those smiles for you. Stay tuned.

Playtime for K

K is beginning to talk to Big Bird and all of her new friends. I can't get over how much she has grown. The outfit that she is wearing is the same outfit that she came home in. She is almost out of it now and it seems like it was just yesterday we were bringing her home in it. Mommy doesn't like her little rose growing so fast. I might try freezing her if I thought it would work. It is nice to talk to her now I will admit. She has so much personality and it is neat to see this little girl turn her daddy into a pile of mush. He's got another woman in his life and that is totally fine with me.

Pianist Dreams

I did some research and found that there are people who write music for one-handed people! I had heard some people talk about it, but I had to see it for myself. The thought of being able to see my little girl play the piano after all is so exciting to me. Many of you know that I have been playing almost all of my life and that was a dream I had for my daughter. It looks like I will be able to share it with her after all. God has been so good to us and I am thankful for the many things that are being shown to us daily. K now also has a new cousin. Nate's brother and wife had a beautiful baby girl yesterday! Congratulations you guys. I know you will both be quite busy. Keep checking this blog and maybe in a few years I will have a picture of my daughter playing the piano:)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Snoozing Sweetheart

K enjoys sleeping whenever she gets the chance. She is awake more during the day now, but she still likes to sleep the majority of the day. I wasn't quite prepared for the amount of time she would continue to sleep. I guess she is just getting ready for her big day when she will stay awake and talk to whoever is listening. She is cooing and smiling (I am almost positive it is smiles). K is pushing off of mommy and daddy when we are trying to burp her and she wants to look us in the face. It is really neat to see her work at being independent already. We have to watch her like a hawk now because she will throw herself backwards and I guess she is just hoping we have her. I love it when she pushes up just to look at my face. It is probably one of the most special times of my day. I am no longer just the source of food for her, I am the mommy who loves her and wants the best for her.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thank You Aunt Amy

Aunt Amy,
K says hello for the absolutely adorable hat. It fits snuggly on the part by her face, but the top is longer so it just flops over in the back. She can't wait to see her Aunt Amy and love on her. For those that don't know, Amy is coming up here to stay with K while I go back to work. I can't say how much of a relief that is for both Nate and myself. I would have hated to send her to the daycare. This way she will hang out at home and be around the familiar things. God has helped us in many ways by giving us support and love from our family.

More Pictures to Brag On

K is slowly beginning to look for comfort in either a pacifier or even the occasional thumb. She just looks so cute doing it that we don't have the heart to stop it. She comes by the thumb-sucking honestly. Poor girl didn't stand a chance.
Sure I look rough, but I think K makes up for the both of us. It is just amazing that that shirt is actually clean (at least for the moment). K manages to make my laundry load almost as big as hers. I'm running out of clothing due to explosions from her feeding frenzies.
K gazes at her daddy with love. And I might add she is looking rather stylish while doing it. She is better dressed than the both of us.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

She's Got...Personality

Well, if you haven't noticed by now K is a little different from the first day she entered this world. She has become a little person with her own way of doing things. In this picture, I propped her up on the couch and just talked to her for a few minutes. She is at the point now where she will let you know when she wants to talk. Sometimes she will wake up from her nap and you will hear her talking to herself in the nursery. If you don't come to talk to her she gets upset. I guess she must come by that honestly. Her mommy and daddy sometimes don't know when to stop talking. She is now getting more hair, which is exciting. I now totally understand the concept of a "baby high." I could just sit there and smell her hair all day. Of course, she gets annoyed with that, but I figure I will take advantage of it while I still can. Words cannot describe how much I love being a mother. For my family, I know this has shocked many of them. I was the kind of person who said she would never have children. The pain and the pregnancy were things I didn't look forward to. Now I find myself telling my students that they may say now they don't want children, but someday that instinct will take over. Plus, when you know that something so adorable will be coming how can you not want it? The way the world is today about pregnancy and abortion saddens me more now that I have carried a little one for 9 months and held her in my arms. God knows us while we were still in the womb and that is so real to me now. K is a blessing and I can't imagine not wanting her. Millions of babies are aborted because they are unwanted. Each of them was a beautiful creation of God and they weren't given the chance to show the world what they were about. K has problems and I know that some people would have ended the pregnancy, but I can honestly say that I would never think of killing a gift. I have always been pro-life, but now is the time when I can see what it means to truly love someone else and be willing to die for them. Nate and I came to that realization last night. We would be willing to give K one of our hands and I know that both of us would do whatever we had to to keep her safe. I guess that is the joy and heartache of parenthood. It is a challenge, but God has given us her for a reason. Whatever it is I know that it will be amazing! She has already touched so many people and she can't even talk yet! Thank you again for praying.

Looking Different

Here are my girls. K is talking up a storm right now and she is telling us all of the things on her mind. It is rather unfortunate that we cannot understand a word she is saying. I guess that will be the case for quite some time. She is looking around so much and she seems to have discovered her tongue today. She is quite an entertaining kid. In addition to that I changed the setup of the blog because of some formatting problems I was having with the the other template. I hope you like it.

One More Night!!!!

K gave mommy a wonderful gift last night. She slept through the night again! We think that maybe she was going through a growth spurt that past few days and that might have thrown her off. She is so beautiful when she sleeps. So very peaceful. In case I had not mentioned, K had her first photo shoot on Friday and of course she did wonderfully. The photographer thought she was beautiful and of course we wholeheartedly agree with her. There were some great sleeping poses and of course the infamous "nude" poses. Why do parents do that to their children? I think it all comes down to blackmail. When she is 16 years old I have to have something to hold over her head. Not to mention the fact that she is growing so fast I have to have some of those memories frozen in time.

Monday, March 06, 2006

No Sleep, But Too Cute

Well, the sleeping through the night has officially been postponed. K has decided that she just enjoys the 3 am time too much. I think she might be going through a growth spurt because she has been able to sleep for extended periods. She is beginning to really interact with us at times and it is so rewarding. She holds onto our fingers now and she follows an object with her eyes. She never ceases to amaze me and I find myself saddened with the thought that she will grow up too much too fast. I want to freeze her at this time forever.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

THE Cutest Girl Ever!!!

K is waving even though her hand is partially covered. She is now getting to wear some more of the cloths that have been given to her because she can actually fit them. I think it is cool, but Christa keeps getting bummed because she is getting bigger and the realization that she will not always be a cute cuddly baby sets in at times.

K was hanging out with me on the couch. She was getting hungry but we thought she wanted us to take some pics first.

K always works that left hand out if she is swaddled and does what you are now seeing. She loves to grab stuff and her face is often times the thing she grabs.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Refined Moment

K is showing off her personalized onesie that was given to her by some of her cousins. She is now beginning to fit into newborn clothing. I have a feeling that she will not be able to wear some of her 12 month clothes until she is 2. That is alright with me. I don't want her getting too big too fast. You can also see that her legs have begun to get a little chunky. There are rolls now and it is easier for her to keep her socks on. She really likes the long sleeves because she sucks on the material. Very weird. I am enjoying her even in the screaming fit moments, which is what she is having right now. She does not relish the idea of a nap.

Three In a Row!!!

So my little girl has slept through three nights in a row. How nice for Christa! I am very thankful for this because Christa has been getting more sleep. Yes that is right I said Christa, not me because I already was sleeping through the night. I have been so blessed by my wife because she would hardly ever wake me unless K was very fussy and refused to go to sleep. So, now that K sleeps, so does Christa. I could not ask for a better mom for my daughter. I could not ask for a better baby girl either. God has blessed us in great ways with K. He has a plan for us and her so I do not want her to miss out on His blessing in store for her through the hardships I know she will face (it is easy for me to say this now). I have been given a great family and I cannot wait to watch my baby girl grow up as tough as that will be at times!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Howdy Everyone!

K is staying awake a lot more during the day now. In this picture, she is enjoying time with her daddy. She is focusing on faces now and we think she is starting to laugh and smile. She slept through the night again last night, which was very enjoyable for us. She is growing very fast and it is amazing and sad how quickly she is becoming a bigger girl. It is definitely not hard to see how anyone who meets her instantly falls in love. You just can't help it.