Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hi...My Name is Adorable

Not the cutest face, but the hat is just too cute. It was the hat that we were going to bring her home from the hospital in. As you can see, it is still too big for her.
K snuggles with her Pooh blanket. Notice the tongue. She enjoys sticking it out in almost every picture and she has learned to blow bubbles. Lots of slobber now.
K enjoys her new toy that was given to her by one of the teachers. She loves the eyes and it is the coolest toy. It plays classical music, numbers, colors, and several other cool things. My childhood must have been so boring without all of these stimulating toys:) (Just kidding mom)

Before and after. All I can say is that the picture on the left is my baby, but she has definitely gotten cuter with age. Guess that changes when you hit 26. How sad:)


ChristaG said...

Oh I miss you my little rose. Working is so hard because I don't get to be with you. It makes it all worth it to come home to you.

Anonymous said...

1st picture looks like she is shrugging her shoulders at you like "dunno". Cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys this is a test!