Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"The Little Zoo That Could"

Last weekend we took K to the zoo close to us. This is her heading into the zoo.
K wasn't scared of the lizard, but we left whenever they showed the snakes. Just a little queasy about that one.
This zoo was the neatest because you could literally get up to almost all of the animals. K enjoyed the feeding part of the zoo.
She still talks about feeding the deer. It was a great day.
Here we are enjoying the goats. K is still talking about the zoo and so I believe we will be returning soon. It was the neatest little zoo and it was a wonderful memory day for mommy and daddy too.
We have just gotten back from K's fitting for her second scoliosis brace. The doctor is having her stay out of the brace during the day for four months and we will be go back and find out how her curvature is doing. She still sleeps in it at night, but she is so active right now that the brace is causing some bruising. She is constantly on the move and we have to run now to keep up with her. Her vocabulary is amazing and she is just all around a pretty cool little kid.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our Great Valentines Day

Here is my Valentine's Day present from mommy and daddy. I know I'm adorable in it:)
I love playing my video game. I just wiggle the joystick around and Dora runs everywhere!!
Uncle Eric and Aunt Kristen needed my help opening their wedding presents. They got lots!!!
One of my favorite pastimes, the helicopter.
Here we are modeling our beads. I helped mommy get hers on and she helped me with mine.
This Valentine's Day was one that we will remember. K was tested today to see where she is at developmentally. We wanted to know how she was doing since we have been here in Alabama. The results are listed below:
  • Social Development (37 months): those of you who know you K are not surprised by this one
  • Physical Development (28 months): this is exceptional when you take into consideration that she has been in several braces for her hips, casts for her arm, and currently she is wearing a scoliosis brace
  • Communications Development (32 months): definitely doesn't have a problem with vocabulary
  • Adaptive Development (32 months): I believe this takes into consideration her ability to compensate for her right arm
  • Cognitive Development (30 months): the lady testing her believes that this would have been higher because we were not there to answer questions
As you can see, K is doing remarkably well. The lady testing her actually said that she had never gotten this far in a test with a child before. She stopped when K had reached above her age and then she was curious to see just how far K really was. The cognitive development is probably even higher because she is doing things that they were not able to observe, but it is still amazing just to know that she has not been delayed by all she has been through. Now comes the real amazing thing about our Valentine's Day: K moved her finger on her RIGHT HAND! The therapists and her daycare workers all saw it. This is monumental!!! Talk about shock. If K is able to gain use of at least part of her right hand it is more than we were ever hoping for. It might not happen again, but there is hope that it will. Needless to say, we had a wonderful Valentine's Day this year. K is doing great and we are thanking God for the many blessings He has given us in her.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Technical Difficulties

We have had some problems with Blogger lately so it has been a bit dificult posting lately. It seems that when we do a post and get ready to post it, we loose it. I was tying to upload and post a video of K going through her vocab and it still will not go. Mommy had a post for V day and it disappeared right after she finished it. Sorry. We will get it up soon.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Just Bein' Crazy

K enjoys her "Dora" chair. We never know what this little girl will do next.
Here K is modeling her grandaddy's boots. Very stylish.
Things are going well down here in L.A. (lower Alabama). We are still waiting on our house to sell in Georgia, but we are enjoying the twos with K. She is working on potty training and she is doing very well. I am counting down the days until diapers are no more. Talk about some major money saved. She enjoys performing for people whenever she gets the chance and I am convinced that she will be a singer. She sings about anything and everything. She also loves to dance. We have a video of her vocabulary words (the ones that don't quite sound right), but I have to get it to work. Computers can be so irritating:) I hope all of you are doing well and I hope to get some wedding pictures in the future.