Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Joys of Babies

K enjoys hanging out with her Poppa G on the front porch. This weekend was perfect weather for just sitting outside and relaxing. K seemed to enjoy the breeze on her face.
Well, we tried to take an Easter picture with K and her first Easter bunny, but as you can see she was not interested in photography at that moment. I promise she did look adorable. We will try again later.
This is my favorite time as a mommy. Sometimes K just likes to be put on the changing table so she is higher up. We have very good talks about life and I must say she smiles quite often during those times. I wish I could capture these moments forever so that I could look back on how amazing all of it is. This was also the day that K went to Sam's for the first time. The people at the store thought she was adorable, but I was not surprised by that. Of course, she is. She's my daughter:) K goes for an ultrasound on Tuesday for her hips to make sure they are in the sockets correctly and Friday we will be going back to Northside to meet with the first surgeon. Hopefully, we will learn more about what we need to do. Please pray for us.

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