Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fun Fall Festival Time

Here is my little balloon. Mommy is reading devotions and I am enjoying the string. I am paying attention though. I really liked my balloon until daddy let the air out of it. I think mommy and daddy were afraid I would try to eat it. It did look tasty.
Here mommy and I are playing my computer game. I am so smart that I don't really need mommy. I just let her think that I need her. It is all about the mind games. They have fallen prey to my intellectual powers.
Here is me in a jacket. I went to See You At The Pole with daddy this week. It was chilly outside so I had to keep warm.
I am on my way to the Fall Festival today! It is my first one ever. Mommy and daddy walked around with me and I don't remember all of it because I feel asleep. It was a wonderful day for an outing.

K will be going to the Shriner's on the 19th of this month. We will be going for a doozy of a day. We meet with the genetics department. We will also be meeting with doctors to discuss her hips, spine, and anything else that might be presented. It will be a whirlwind day I am sure. We also wonder if she has allergies. Nate will be calling the doctor tomorrow. Goldenrods are rampant here and I am sure that doesn't help. We just want to get it in check because unchecked allergies in babies can lead to ear infections. We can't afford that with surgery coming up. Please pray that she will remain healthy because it is going to be difficult keeping her healthy in the winter months. If she has nasal congestion they won't do the surgery. We appreciate all of the prayers and please keep them coming!

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