Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Photo Op Today

Wow! Aren't I absolutely beautiful? Mommy and daddy tell me all the time, but you know they have to:)
Here's my profile. Quite stunning isn't it???
What can I say? I LOVE MY DADDY!!!!!
Can you see the teeth on the top? Now I grind my teeth, which drives mommy crazy! Uncle Eric used to drive mommy insane as a child when he would grind his teeth. She threw stuffed animals at him in his sleep. I don't think she will do that to me, but just in case I have hidden my animals from her. Don't tell her though.
Is there anything in my nose? I couldn't really tell. Isn't that an embarrassing moment? Can't believe mommy would let me get to that point. I'll have to have a talk with her. Etiquette, sugar, chocolate, etc. The list is endless.

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