Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Eatin More Chikin

K is feeling much better. I have stated that we have a new kid she is acting like she feels so much better. She even felt well enough to feast on some fowl for the first time.
As you can tell, she makes quite a mess when K helps mommy and daddy feed her.
Here K has discovered the incredible attribute of her arm clearing things off of her plate and onto the floor. It fascinated her that her arm and hand work much like a window wiper. So much so that she even showed off today at daycare. She allowed everyone to see her new trick when her babysitter put veggie puffs on her plate. What a hit!
She was very happy to help us feed her. Much of the time she was playing with her green beans and kicking her legs.
This is K's stuffed face.
Stuffed, but still playing with food.
At this point in the meal, K rested her chin on her arm and just hung out for a min or two. It was cute because she just sat looking at us like this.
You cannot tell, but I really am a happy baby.
Hey, what is that hair doing in my food. I want to talk to the cook!
Oh Happy Day! K is back to her happy self.


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the only pic that's missing is one of nate feeding k.