Friday, October 13, 2006

Please Pray for the Sicko

Don't let these pictures deceive you. Our little rose is not doing well. She has been running a high temperature for quite a few hours today. We are giving her motrin and tylenol every other three hours, but it is still a little high. If it doesn't go down by tomorrow we will have to take her to the doctor. Don't know if it is teething or just a cold, but K is feeling puny. In the above pictures, the only way Nate could keep her happy was to give her the cup. She has just been cuddling up and just lethargic. It is horrible to see her feeling so weak. Right now she is cuddling with daddy and if you have ever met her you know she is not a cuddler. Please pray that she will get better. Our big genetics appointment is on Thursday and it would be great for her to be in better shape that day.

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BethGo said...

Poor baby. We've had our share of high fevers here. It's always scary with a little one. Hope she is feeling better today.