Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fall Festival

Like my leggings? This is my aerobic pose. I am doing my workouts to stay fit:)
Here is K and daddy just hanging out at the Fall Festival. K was a brave little lion for this festival. We had to take her out of it because it was so hot. She was cute in it for the little bit that she was in it.
Grandmom and grandaddy are heading home tomorrow, but they got to see K in her little lion outfit. Priceless moments.
You just can't get any more adorable than this. Aren't those eyes amazing?


Tclaytor said...

How adorable can you get? I love that outfit! I'm envious that the outfit was too warm--it's been cold up here!

Anonymous said...

Her costume is too cute! And where did you get those leggings?!

BethGo said...

When I see those leggings, I just keep thinking of the 80's song "Let's Get Physical". She's a mini Olivia Newton-John!
Her costume is so adorable. You can tell she has lots of personality.
K is such a doll.
Happy Halloween!