Sunday, February 05, 2006

Our Little Baby Bird

K has the cutest baby bird faces that she makes when she is hungry. She certainly lets us know if we do not notice her mouth motions by implementing her vocal cords into the mix. She is truly a fun little kid. We do have a lot of fun with her and we also enjoy all of the funny faces she makes. We cannot wait for her to be ready to go out in public but that will still be some time from now. Our doctor advised us because of all the virus junk going around we are best to keep her in for at least eight weeks. We are certainly not going to take any chances and will listen to the doc. One of our greatest concerns is that K would come down with something and be affected by it in such a way that we would have to postpone surgeries on her forearm and hand. We certainly do not want that to happen.

Tomorrow, we will be taking K to the Doc for her second checkup. We will find out more about her weight and our poor Doc will be peppered with questions. Christa has been compiling a list of all the questions that we want to remember to ask Doc. I guess having a million questions goes with being new parents. Well, I have to catch some sleep so I can function tomorrow. We will put an update on her weight and hopefully some new pics.

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