Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More Medical Info

Thought I would plug in some more info that was not put in the earlier post from Christa. We spoke with K's Doc about a second opinion on her forearm/hand and he is going to see about us meeting with some doctors in Greenville. He has another patient who has suffered from Amniotic Band Syndrome and they have been very pleased with their doctors/surgeons at Greenville. Unless we are blown away by whomever we meet with, I anticipate we will probably stay with the group at Northside. I am praying and hoping that there are more options than ultimately amputation. That is a tough one to swallow even if it is below the elbow.

During the visit this afternoon the Doc noticed that K always has her head tilted toward her right arm. It appears that she has a VERY tight muscle on the right side of her neck and to avoid pain from that muscle she tilts her head that way. Christa and I have to try to stretch that muscle a few times a day and if that does not work we will probably have to go to a physical therapist and see what he can do. K also had some x-rays taken today because she appears to possibly have a maldeformed rib. We were unable to tell much about it through the x-rays so we will have to wait and see what will happen. The Doc assured me that there is nothing to worry about in regard to this.

We have handled all the medical info alright. With her forearm/hand and now these other things it is sometimes hard to understand God's plan. It is not ever easy to understand God's plan when it comes to things like K's situation. We do know that He is in control. We do know that He will take care of us. We also know that He will take care of K no matter what. While we know these things it still does not make stomaching all of the stuff easy. We felt like we were getting a decent handle on the situation and then these other things come into the situation. As parents we find ourselves asking what else is going to happen. We both know that the situation could be much worse and are thankful that it is not worse. We are so blessed in K and we are constantly reminded of this fact. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to walk the never uneventful life of parenthood.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keepting this site updated. I can only imagine how much easier it is to tell it once than to go into it multiple times with many people.

Just know that we are praying for all of you and know that God is indeed in control. He knew about this long before we did and gave us all this wonderful little girl to love.

We burst with pride at how you both are handling this through your faith in our Lord.

We love you bunches!

Mom G

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to meet her! Just keep walking with Him!