Sunday, February 12, 2006

More Daddy Times

Nate is enjoying his time as a father as you can plainly see. K has an enduring way of sucking on everything that touches her mouth. Bathtime is perfect for this because she knows dinner is on the way afterwards. We are adjusting to this crazy new world and I think K is enjoying herself. She is definitely growing and it is hard to believe how different she looks. God has blessed us and we are excited for what is ahead.


Anonymous said...

It's so much fun to hear new parents talk about how one small child can turn their world upside down! Sure brings back memories of our first days with Kathryn-nothing can prepare you for the awesome responsibility and tremendous joys of being a parent.
And the joy and love just keeps growing...Love, Mom Rosene

johne nomad said...

Nate! James just gave me your blog's address. Wow... it's scary to imagine you as a dad! (not anything against you - just makes me feel really old! :) Oh, I should mention... this is John Eppele... a name from your distant past. Anyway, congrats on your beautiful little girl! Praying for you in the challenges you're facing.

Oh, & I really think you should grow your gotee back! (but, with my full-grown beard, I can't claim to be unbiased! :)

Peace & joy in Christ,