Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bonding Time

T and K are snoozing. We are so glad that T loves her little sister. K tried and enjoyed her first bottle last night. Nate got to finally feed her and I got to have a break. Talk about enjoyable for both of us! K really took to the bottle and that was a huge relief for all of us. Nate made me leave the house, however, to make sure that I didn't hover. I have that tendency for those of you that know me well. I tend to worry about everything. I drive Nate crazy, which isn't that hard to do:)


Anonymous said...

Are you paying T to babysit. Is she getting extra bones? ;-))

As always, melt our hearts some more.

Love ya!
Mom G

Anonymous said...

we are disappointed in the fact that there hasn't been any new pictures the last 2 day's.
uncle dennis