Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Day in the Life of...

Here is a picture of K in her beautiful bonnet. As you can see, she is not one for putting a hat on to go outside. I think this picture definitely shows off her beautiful blues eyes. She is sitting beside me right now just talking my ear off. She has begun to squeal and she hasn't stopped since she has been awake. I don't know what is so exciting, but she can't contain herself.
Here is Aunt Amy saying good-bye to K. Don't worry Aunt Amy, we will be down to visit in a few days and then this summer we will spend time with all of you! Can't wait:)
Here K is talking to Pooh. She was also petting him on the nose and smiling at him. This was a very cute present given to her by one of my students from last semester. That makes it a very special gift for me. K is a blessing to me in so many ways and I hope that all of you get a chance to meet her soon. We will be going back to the Shriner's on Tuesday to have her hip stressed and to see if she can come out of the brace. Please pray that this will happen because I really want to have her out of it so that she can put on some of those adorable clothes!

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Kathryn said...

What a precious picture in her little bonnet! I CAN'T WAIT to see her! I'll be praying for you guys and your trip tomorrow. Love you guys!