Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Queen of Our Hearts

When she is a little older we won't let her wear things of this nature, but I figure she is too cute why not now? If you can't read it it says: "I'm the princess we'll do things my way." Obviously, not a philosophy we hold to, but one that we could not pass up. All joking aside, today has been a pretty rough day. Actually, that would be quite an understatement. I took off from school with the thought that if they put K back in a brace I did not want to miss an opportunity to hold her. I am very glad that I did this because she now has a new one to wear. We were able to give her a bath which was really needed. Sometimes it just seems like when one door closes another one opens only to show another closed door. Have you ever felt like that? I love this little girl and I would never trade her for anyone else in the world, but sometimes I hurt for her because I know that this will set her back in some ways. Please just pray for us because this has been really difficult and I know that it will continue to be hard.


Kent Sovine said...
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Kent Sovine said...

Hi Nate -

The t-shirt will probably hold true for many years. My little girls can just smile at me and I'm done! They're little blessings. Jamie is due on Saturday.

Keep you eyes up.