Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Video of K

On K's four month birthday, it is worthwhile providing a clip of K having a great time with her daddy and her rattle. Just so you know, the look is one of excitement.

Click Here

Unfortunatley, it is posted on Geocities and they have a transfer limit that makes it stop playing if it is viewed over a certain ammount of times during a certain period of time. So please do not play it multiple times. If you would like, we can e-mail it to you if you would like a copy. Just post a comment and we will get it to you.


mattharner said...

Hi you two! Wow! Quite a fun little girl you have there! It's good to see her so active. You have a beautiful child.

Amyw said...

hey little munchkin, i love you and i don't want to go back home.!!!


aunt amy

Tclaytor said...

That was a much needed laugh! What a cutie! She certainly knows how adorable she is, doesn't she? : )