Saturday, May 27, 2006

K in LA

K is on the ride down to LA (Lower Alabama). It was a good trip. She slept for about six out of the seven or so hours we were on the road.

K is hanging out on Grandmom's couch. She was glad to get here and she is always glad to get spoiled by both sets of her grandparents.

Here K is meeting her Great Grandma Woerner. She was getting a little sleepy.

Grandpa Woerner enjoyed meeting K. She liked him.

Here is where K and daddy were up to no good. We were watching the foundation for Grandad and Grandmom's new home being poured. We had to do something! Perfectly good cement going untouched. Not with us around!

K and I decided she would see what walking in cement felt like. She did not like the feel of the cement on her feet, but she enjoyed the fact that she was out of the brace for a few minutes so we could make our mark and not mess up her brace.

Here is K with Kat. Kat got married to Brent today. Kat is Christa's best friend from high school and this is the first time that Kat has gotten to meet K and hold her.

Now there are some good looking women!

Here is Kat with us right before the wedding.

Here K is hanging out at the reception in Kat's parent's back yard. It was a beautiful wedding in the church and a beautiful reception on the water. K seemed to like the live Jimmy Buffet music at the reception. I also got to show K boats for the first time. She liked them! I am so glad. Now maybe we can convince mommy to get me one.

Here is Grandmom showing K off to everyone. So cute!

Last but not least, the two most beautiful women ever. What a great way to end this post.


Kat said...

I love that last picture of K and Christa under the arch! Christa looked amazing and I am SOOOOO happy I got to meet K! She is even more beautiful in person! I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture! We were so glad to get to meet and enjoy K. We really appreciated your being there for the wedding. Having you there was important to Kathryn and all of us.
Mama Rosene