Monday, May 08, 2006

Moments of Shock and Excitement

Today we had a lot of fun with K. She was enjoying her time with her stuffed animals and those beautiful blue eyes just make your heart melt. By the way, that is a burp cloth she has wrapped around her head.K is looking quite adorable in her little cluster of friends. She is really beginning to follow objects now with her eyes and it is fun to watch her explore her new world.
Daddy experimented today with a hand rattle. It fits over the top of her hand and when he shook it her eyes just got huge! I don't know if the sound startled her or if she was just so excited about the new toy. Either way, it was a moment of belly laughter for all of us. Sometimes you really just need to experience things like this to make the rest of the week worth it.
As you can see, K is smiling wonderfully for the camera. She knows that she is cute and she is already manipulating daddy in any way possible. I might add that daddy doesn't seem to mind this too much.
If you didn't know any better you would think that we are torturing our child. That isn't a look of fear I promise. We thought it was hilarious and wanted to share it with you. Our days are brighter because of this beautiful little rose. What a blessing she is for us all. Tomorrow Nate and Amy will be going back to the Greenville Hospital for an ultrasound. Please pray that everything is going well and that we won't have much longer with the brace. I want to be able to snuggle with my baby as close as possible. Not to mention I miss bath time.


Anonymous said...

Was outside pulling weeds when you called. Great news! The pictures are great also. She is such a little cutie. Wish we could see more of her.

Love you guys!

Mom G

karim said...

Kisses kisses!!
lovely swwet face :)
Even tired and wondering why can a man be happy.
Theses pictures tell me all.
Thanks and sorry for my poor english.