Monday, August 21, 2006

Shriners Appointment

Where to start?
  1. We were able to get the x-rays done on her spine. She has scoliosis and we will be meeting with a doctor in October about this. She may need a brace, but she may not. They were not able to tell us much more about this than come back in a few months. The good news about this is that the doctor we will be seeing is the same one that was over the treatment for her hip displacia. He is a good doctor and K likes him.

  2. We will also be meeting with a geneticist or group of geneticists in October as we already knew, but we need to probably be anticipating an ultrasound on some of her organs to make sure there is nothing wrong with them. We were told that sometimes when you have a child with as many things as K has going on that there is often a syndrome that is at the root of it all. To find this out they will be looking for things like a horseshoe shaped kidney or an abnormal heart. While they mentioned these things to us they assured us (not that it does much good) that she is fine because she is developing well.

  3. K will have surgery on December 19. K will be having two surgeries that we are aware of at this point. They will be removing part of the band on the first surgery as well as doing some things to begin separating the pad of her hand from her palm. The second surgery will be planned later.
It was once again a long visit and we are glad we went, but it is one of those things where there are mixed emotions. We know God has a plan and He is in control, but it does not always mean that the plan is easy to go along with while you live it out personally. It is so easy to be self-centered in life and this situation is no different. Both Christa and I struggle with this whenever we go to Shriners because there always seems to be something else. Today for example is good because we now know when the first surgery will be done, but now we also know our daughter may have to wear another brace for her back as well as the possibility of having a horseshoe kidney or an abnormal heart or something along those lines. Through it though, Christa and I are most concerned about K and not being self-centered in that. We want what is best for her, but it is very frustrating when our journey to a normal childhood keeps being extended at each turn. I know that God knows what He is doing and I pray that through this we learn what He wants us to learn. I also pray that K will come through fine and I know that she will be just fine. Please keep us and K in prayer as we go down this interesting road.


brian & jenny said...

Dear Nate, Christa, and K,

This is Jenny Bojo(Hosch). I don't know if you remember me from TFC but I just wanted to say how absolutely adorable your daughter is. I found your blog through the TFC blog. I love checking your blog to see the pictures of your daughter. I just want you to know that I will pray for you guys. She really is one of the cutest babies that I have ever seen! Take care and God bless!

The Bojo's

Mindy said...

Hey Christa, Nate and K!
Thanks Christa, for finding me! How cool that we are all married and stuff now. I read about your sweet little K. I'll be praying for you guys.
love mindy

Lisa said...

K is so precious! I've loved reading about her and seeing her pictures. I know I've been horrible and haven't written, except for those masses and they don't count. Thanks for the notes on my blog or through e-mail Christa. I'll be praying for y'all! Lisa Sevast