Monday, August 07, 2006

I Love My Mommy

K and I are hanging out today as Christa is at school with students for the first day this year. K of course misses her mommy, but she is doing great. She is not being too fussy without her. Above is a pic of her playing in her pack-n-play. Her shirt says Mommy Loves Me. She was having fun chewing on the tabs of her book.
Just last Friday K tried a new way of drinking. How fun! She likes having a handle to help hold her juice.
Above is a picture of K playing peek-a-boo with me. Since she has figured out the game she has become quite the competition in this game. We were playing right before this picture was taken and she turned her head and would not look back at me. She then started to giggle when enough time had passed and she still had not looked at daddy. After a minute she peeked to see if I was still there and to confirm that she still had the upper hand. She did and she smiled because she realized she had a captive audience in daddy.


Anonymous said...

Such a cutie! I am so glad we were able to spend even the little time we did the other night. It was great to see her progress and how much she has grown. ;-))

Love you guys!

Mom G

Anonymous said...

Pictures just don't do her justice. And you can't hug or cuddle a picture.

Love ya!