Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bathtime Fun

So I was sitting here looking at pictures of my daughter enjoying her bath time and I thought I would share this cute picture with you. K loves this time in the water. She is quite the little fish. We are still a little under the weather here, but the cold is clearing. K wants to sleep quite a bit, which is helping with the cold issue. My sister is here now and she is getting adjusted to the college life on campus. I know she will do just fine, but it is quite the adjustment.

K is sitting up better now and she moves her right arm a lot more. Her first tooth has made its debut and it is definitely sharp. She is already trying to use it when she eats crackers and her cherry stars. She is growing up way too fast. Right now she is watching me type on the computer. She wants to be where you are at all times. It is exciting and sad to see her become older. God has given us such a wonderful gift in this little rose. I wouldn't trade any moment with her for the world.

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Tclaytor said...

To answer your question--I teach 3 classes and also do the alumni newsletter. I work three days a week and I love it! To me this means that more days of the week I am with my babies rather than apart. Ethan loves the lady who watches him and the kids there so I'm so glad he gets some social time too. It has been a real blessing so far.