Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Growing Up Too Fast!

K and Twinkie are enjoying a bonding experience. K seems to enjoy petting Twinkie now because she has become obsessed with textures.
Here K is drinking out of a big person's cup. She wants to do everything we do now. She is working on sitting by herself and she can do it for a few seconds before she falls over. Her legs are definitely getting stronger. You can't turn away from her for a second because she scoots everywhere now. One minute she's playing with her gym and the next she is touching the coffee table! She has some major muscles in those legs. She can take care of herself without any problem. Her head is also definitely improving and she is holding it straighter every day. Today at daycare, I came in and found K on a blanket and all of the other children were gathered around her. All she was doing was playing with her toy, but you'd think it was absolutely amazing by the look of the other children. She is getting a little spoiled with all of this attention. She deserves it though.

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