Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Little Sicko

Well, K has her first real cold and it has been quite the doozy. We went back to the doctor today because it doesn't sound like she is getting any better and he gave her some medication to take that will hopefully clear it up. It is hard to hear her feeling so sick, but she still doesn't show it in her attitude. She is so happy all of the time that it is hard to tell when she is sick. She has been acting puny, but for the most part she is acting like everything is normal. She has learned to make razzing sounds with her tongue and teeth and she does it all of the time now. It is so neat to see her develop these new skills. She is also learning how to eat veggie and fruit puffs. Those two little teeth aid in this process. Please just pray for her because we hate to see her feeling less than normal.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you, you cutie!!!
Love ya!
Mama G