Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Daddy's Day!

K and I had fun on Father's Day yesterday. K gave her daddy a mug and a notepad for his first Father's Day and I gave him a plaque that had K's picture and a poem on it. I am so thankful for Nate because he is a wonderful father. He wants to be a part of K's life and it has been wonderful knowing that he is always there for her no matter what. When K was first born Nate wanted to do so many things for me to make sure I was comfortable and I know that not all father's are like that. I have been greatly blessed in this man. For awhile he was sleeping out in the living room so I could sleep without the baby monitor. That was really great because I was able to get caught up on sleep as well as recuperate after having K. That was a blessing and I know that he sacrificed sleep for me. Of course, now we are all able to sleep (however K is now teething and so she has a harder time going to sleep). Happy Father's Day to everyone else and I hope each of you had a great day yesterday. My grandpa is doing better and he is being waited on hand and foot, which he enjoys greatly, so thank you for the prayers. We appreciate it!

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