Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blackmail Pictures

Here K is showing off her "I love daddy" towel. She is looking very dazzling in purple and I might add that she enjoys this time with her daddy. She has a little conehead thing going right now.
Here is K's old man face. She likes chewing on her lips now as well as her tongue. It looks like she is chewing gum sometimes. Unfortunately, I can't capture that in a picture.
You can see the great amount of spit that is around K's mouth. She is blowing big time bubbles now and it is almost pointless to wipe it off because she replaces it with a new level of spit. She is constantly blowing the bubbles and squealing with excitement because she can do it and no one else can. Believe me, I have tried very hard. It is just not something I can do.


SpongebobTanu said...

awww! such an adorable baby! she is beautiful!

Nate Goodwin said...

Thank you! We could not agree more.

Tclaytor said...

I like that towel! That picture with Nate holding her is too precious! : )

Thanks for your comment on my site. We can't wait to have our little girl with us! : )

aunt amy said...

hey little munchkin,

when you get a little older, i am sure that your grandmom and i can find some pics that you can use to get back at your mommy with ;)