Thursday, June 29, 2006

Enjoying our Baby Girl

K is sitting on the couch like a big girl! Of course, she is attacking Tigger, but that seems to be a thing for her. Who knew she had a vendetta towards the innocent Pooh characters?
Drum roll please...WE HAVE HAIR!!! Last night, Nate was bathing K and when he poured water over her head hair actually showed up! We don't know if we should be happy or sad about that. I was kind of hoping for a bald baby. I think we might shave her head.:) It is looking red so I think we might be in trouble when it comes to temper.


Lisa said...

Guys, she's beautiful! I can't believe y'all have a daughter! How cool!

Kathryn Curtis :) said...

Hi Guys! I have moved to Cincinnati and I don't have internet access at home yet. So, I decided to take a few minutes at work and check out how K is doing! SHE HAS GROWN SO MUCH! It's amazing! It's only been 1 month since I last checked it. She is getting more and more beautiful everyday... just looking at the pictures lifts my spirits and fills my heart with love :) I love you guys!