Thursday, June 01, 2006

Growing Up:(

K is beginning to teeth now and so she tries to put everything in her mouth. She really enjoyed the cold teething ring rubbing on her gums. As you can see, it hasn't dampened her personality one bit. She is still a camera hog.
Yesterday we gave K rice cereal for the first time. Daddy wanted to feed her first because I technically fed her for the very first time. I guess it is only fair. K didn't know what to think of the rice. She didn't spit it all out right away, so we think she might be ready to have it on a consistent basis.
K says yummy. You can't really appreciate this picture, but her face is covered in rice cereal and her bib is dripping wet. She enjoyed blowing bubbles with the cereal. I think it was a fun sensation for her. It sure was fun to just watch her.
Here's K and daddy enjoying a heart-to-heart talk. She is becoming such a beautiful little girl, no longer our itty bitty baby. She is out of newborn clothes and most 0-3 months. It is sad too because she wasn't able to wear all of her outfits due to the brace. Please pray that she will get out of this thing soon. I want her to wear a bikini this summer!

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Judy C said...

What a beautiful smile! No matter what, she always looks happy!