Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring Break!!!

Not a lot to post today, but it certainly isn't because we aren't doing anything. K is doing a lot better with her asthma now and that is a huge relief. She will be through with the steroids when she wakes up tomorrow morning which means no more "roid rage!!!" She has been a little bit more irritable lately, but she has still had a lot of fun. Nate's brother and his wife along with their two children have been staying with us this week. They got here on Saturday and they will be staying until Thursday. (although I think my sister-in-law would like to stay indefinitely because here it is 80 degrees, but in Indiana it is going to snow on Easter) There are definite benefits to living in the South.
We went to the Georgia Aquarium today and it was a lot of fun. K and her cousins C and M enjoyed themselves and they got to see the "nemo" fish and the beluga whales. It is an amazing aquarium and I highly recommend it.
Also, K is learning some things from her cousin. She now knows the word "uh-oh" and she uses it quite often. She has woken up the past two mornings with those words on her lips. This morning wasn't cute however because it was around 4:30. Talk about major "uh-oh." She is also walking much better and we are working on getting her into the brace again full time. She has had to be out of it some because of her breathing, but she slept in it last night and seems to be doing better. K is also trying to love on her little cousin, but I think M is intimidated by her boisterous cousin. K tries to kiss, but she feels like she should body slam you first. Cute, but not if you are M.
Well, as you can see we are quite busy, but I promise pictures will come soon!!! Just enjoy the little jellies at the top.

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