Monday, April 16, 2007

Boxes and Shoes

This is daddy's idea of babysitting. j/k However, if it were I don't think K would mind much by the looks of it. Do you disagree? Well look at the evidence that led me to such a conclusion.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
I could give you many more but I think it may be redundant if I did so enjoy what you got.
After having been stuck in boxes for the day, K decided to hit the road. She was trying to get her shoes on to go outside (as she says "outsigh"). She tells us she wants to go "outsigh" all the time! If she is awake at 5:00 AM all she wants to do is go "outsigh." It could be miserable outside and all she wants to do is go "outsigh." It is really cute but frustrating when she does not understand why we are so mean and not taking her "outsigh."
She did this for around 30 min. No kidding. She did not want to give up on this one. She was disappointed that she did not get them on and she did not get to go outside.

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