Monday, April 16, 2007

15 Months Old

The picture was not taken today, but I thought it worthwhile to note that K is now 15 months old now. Time flies. She is such a sweet little girl that I cannot imagine life without her. She brings smiles to our faces each day. Take for example the latest development that she has decided that Ba, Ba, Black Sheep is to be repeated multiple times and no other book or rhyme compares. If either dad or mom try to read a different book she may tolerate it, but at the least you will begin and end with "Ba, Ba, Ba!" (that is what she calls it). It is cute. So, for the past 15 months we have had a little girl who has brought many smiles to our faces with things like "Ba, Ba, Ba!" We never knew how much love a kid can bring into life. What an adventure!

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