Wednesday, April 18, 2007


K is now a walker. She only takes a few steps at a time and usually ends up on the floor, but she has decided she wants to walk. We are in Trouble!!!
Hmm, what do I do with this...Lets put sand in it!
Mmmm good!

As you can see, the buckets were switched so she did not eat any sand this time. She tried that before and she did not like it.

It is interesting watching K because she is learning so much right now. She is starting to walk, starting to talk, and starting to discover her difference more. The other day she took a few minutes to examine her right hand. She was fascinated by it. When she had finished her examination she started laughing at her hand. It is good to see that is the way she responds to it.

She is also learning to use it in different ways and trying to get it to work in ways it will not function. Just the other day she was trying to get her right hand to hold something and was determined to do it. Most of the time her determination pays off when she does this, but this time it did not. There are still no signs of any motor skills in her right hand. In spite of this she uses her right hand and arm 100% of the time. Sunday afternoon for lunch she was eating some things that she could use a fork to spear. She was also eating other things you don't eat with a fork. She would spear some mac and cheese and eat it. Then she would hold the fork with her right arm/hand while she picked up some corn and put it in her mouth. With corn still in her mouth she grabbed the fork once again to go after some mandarin oranges. She fascinates us with how good she is doing.


Anonymous said...

Hey K!
We miss you...looks like you're having fun in the sand :) We played outside yesterday too...there's no more snow!
C & M

Kat said...

She's one smart cookie!

amy said...

what you forgot to mention, was that she was stuffing corn in her hand last night.