Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Monkeying Around

Well, K has found that her foot holds onto chains as well. Here she is just hanging out. It is so funny to watch her explore her world. And if you couldn't tell, K is definitely working on the hair issue. I am not quite sure if I am okay with that. I rather liked the bald head. Today the occupational therapist from Babies First will be coming to the house. Hopefully, we will get an idea of what we will need to do to get K therapy for her arm. We want her to have the best of everything and I know that we are both willing to fight to make sure she gets what she needs. We have heard from some people that it is hard if the child is meeting all of their milestones, but if you are stubborn enough you can usually get the therapy. As some of you know, I can be a very stubborn person. Nate can be that way as well, so I think we are covered. Please pray for us today as well as Friday, which will be when we go back to the Shriner's.


Anonymous said...

Hi!Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy the pictures & tell you we are still praying for you guys every night.
Love you,
Aunt Susan & Uncle Dennis

MattNChristy said...

Hi! I just had to get my kroseg update. She's looking great! It was fun to see the swimming pool pictures, too. We took Emma for her first pool experience right after getting to Louisville (our apartments have a pool--not bad!). Anyways, we love and miss you. And it's great to see all K's progress. Though I'm sure you are both stubborn enough to get more help, if necessary.

Kathryn said...

What you said is so true. We deal with the same thing for children with hearing loss. But I know that you guys will fight for K and she will be amazing! Glad to hear that she is making good progress. I'm praying for you guys today!