Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Our little firecracker wanted to wish all of you a great July 4th, 2006!!! We are just relaxing today, which is something we didn't know existed last week:) Hope the fourth finds all of you well. K will be going to Shriner's on Friday, but we have an occupational therapist coming to the house tomorrow to give K an initial check-up. This funded through the government and it is used to make sure children with disabilities do not get behind developmentally. We are hoping they can give us some tips on how to make K use her right arm more as well as get exercises to strengthen her neck.
P.S. The bib was given to K by her Uncle James, Aunt Amy, C and M. The onesie was bought by mommy. We also have a halter top from the other Aunt Amy, but I am not sure if we will try to wear it today or maybe this weekend. Still up in the air on that one.

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