Friday, July 28, 2006

Home From Africa!!!

Daddy brought K back an interesting present. Sasha showed me how to wrap her like the women do in Ghana and it was quite an interesting experience. I don't quite know if K enjoys it or not. I felt like she was going to fall off of my back. We are definitely glad that daddy is home in one piece! He had quite an adventure getting back, but I will let you hear it from him in a later post.
Sasha didn't get to spend much time with K, but I think they bonded. We enjoyed having the opportunity to share our little girl with her.
Grandmom and granddaddy had to leave us for Alabama today and we will sure miss them. I am so glad for the two weeks I was able to spend with them and I know K enjoyed herself as well. They will be back in a few weeks to drop my sister Amy off at college so they will get to see her again. I know it is hard to be away from her and I am thankful that they were able to have this time. Mom and dad went with me yesterday to the therapy evaluation and things went very well. K qualifies for the therapy, which means they will be coming to the house once a week if not more to work with her. They did a lot of developmental tests on her and they told us that she is delayed a little with her fine and gross motor skills, but that is to be expected with the brace. Her cognitive development however is great. They said she is very bright and social, which was not news to us:) They seem to think that she will be able to catch up quickly because she is so bright. That was encouraging to hear. She is a wonderful little girl and I am glad we are going to get her more help. Thank you for the prayers and keep them coming!!!

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Morgan97 said...

Aww, What a wonderful baby you must be proud she is so adourble! Morgan