Saturday, July 08, 2006

It's Independence Day

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen...It's Independence Day!!! That song has been going through my head so much the past day. K's personality is just so different now that she no longer has the brace on 24 hours a day. You thought she was a happy baby before, wait until you see her now. I got to nurse her with just a diaper on and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. I haven't had that in I don't know how long. This is so amazing that sometimes I think I need to pinch myself. The outfit she is sporting today is her freedom outfit. Aunt Amy Wood bought her the halter top and I wanted to save it for today. The blue jeans were bought by me a few weeks ago because I had the hope she would wear them soon. It really is a wonderful day!!!

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aunt amy said...

christa, you have got to bring those little pants with you when ya'll come down. they are just too cute. and see, she is still not too big for the bumbo!! can't wait to see you guys next week!!