Monday, June 04, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend 2007

Here I am just enjoying my milk. We haven't left for my great uncle's house yet, but I am excited!!
I didn't really enjoy this experience, but it might help next time if my cousin keeps the engine running. The startup scared me a little bit. She taught mommy how to drive when she was five, but I don't know if I'll be able to do that. Mommy is onto her.
I am truly a "busy bee" and this outfit was perfect. I entertained most of my family at the reunion and I of course was a hit!
Like my skirt???
Mommy didn't get the hint that I was hungry. I finally just had to do it myself.
Sorry for the delay, but we have had a very busy weekend. The reunion was very good and we enjoyed meeting great-grandaddy for the first time. We are glad to be home!

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Tclaytor said...

I was cracking up when I saw your family had a little play set for Kendall. Since we've been here they have gotten a bike, a picnic bench, and a little pool! It's hilarious but the kids love it and so do the grandparents.

Good news--I interviewed at Stephens COunty today and I got the job and there is a good chance I will be doing newspaper. You'll have to fill me in on how you did things!