Friday, June 29, 2007

Pictures to Share

Don't you wish you could do laundry this way?
If you look closely, you can see that K is holding two balls in one hand and using her right hand to hold the third. She now knows how to say yellow, but it sounds more like yelalalalalo. I think she really likes the "ls". She can also say purple, blue (for blueberry), and PaPa (this is for my grandpa, she loves going to his house).
Here K and grandmom are eating blueberries. K enjoys them quite a bit, maybe a little too much.
Here is dada and K enjoying the beautiful weather. Check out that blue sky. Things are going well for us. We are waiting for the market to pick up in the selling of our house, but we are doing good here in L.A. (also known as "God's country"--mommy might be a little biased on that one:)


Anonymous said...

You can come help me with my laundry any time little sweetie!

Love you!

Momma G

Tclaytor said...

That last picture with Nate and K looks almost fake! It looks gorgeous there! I will be praying for the sale of your house. I must say that in all of our research for houses, we never once saw your house in the MLS listing. Who is selling it for you?