Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sweet Home Alabama

I get to Alabama and the first thing grandmom does is put me to work!!! Can you believe it? I think I should report this or something.
K enjoyed her swing and actually was shocked when she saw her playground. The C family surprised us with this when we arrived on Friday. They also left us a cute little turtle sandbox. We will be playing in that tomorrow!
Now all she needs is an eyepatch! Aaargh me matey.
Pictured above is K enjoying her ball pit. This was another gift from the C family!!! You guys shouldn't have, but K is definitely not complaining:) We really appreciate it.
Things are going well here. K is adjusting and she is enjoying the family. We go visiting great-grandpa every day to keep him company. Please keep him and my grandma in your prayers. He is having trouble sitting still and it is a little draining on my grandma as well as my aunts.
K is learning more animal noises and she can now moo like a cow and "neigh" like a horse.

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Kat said...

Wow, that all looks like so much fun... I wanna come play!