Monday, January 15, 2007

A Year Gone By

Well, we no longer have a cast on. We went to the Shriners today and they cut the cast off this afternoon. She did really well with the cast saw, which I was afraid of myself. She is such the trooper. We now have a second surgery scheduled for the beginning of April and we go back at the beginning of February to get her cast for a back brace, which won't be done until later that month. This will be worn underneath her clothing and it can come off for baths and swimming. As Nate and I were driving back today, we started to think about how different our life is now. It was around this time last year that I was in labor and K was on her way into the world. Little did we know then what we were in store for. Sometimes, a lot of times, it has been a rough year, but this little rose is one that I will gladly take with all of the thorns. K's smile and personality have endeared her to so many people and I know she will continue to do that to anyone else who is fortunate enough to meet her. It has been a hard time and I did find myself wondering what "normal" must be like. "Normal" at the end of this year is "K." I think it's just right. As our life begins to change in the next few months, we are so grateful that we have been chosen to take care of our little rose.
Little piggy just wants you to know that she loves being one.


Kat said...

:) BIG SMILES!!!! I love you guys so much! These pictures are awesome. I can't believe how much she has grown! I hope Brent and I can come visit sometime soon... she's growing way too fast :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little sweetie! Love you bunches!

Momma G

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday little munchkin!!!!!
see you this afternoon!!!

aunt amy

Anonymous said...
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