Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas was Fun Fun Fun!

Here K is trying her first sugar cookie. She managed to polish off quite a few over her stay at grandmom's and granddaddy's.
Check out K's teeth. We are working on tooth number 7.
Here is K with all of her loot. She figured out how to unwrap presents quite effectively.
K loves her Uncle Eric. I think she is trying to climb him all on her own.
This is K right before her Christmas Eve appearance at grandmom and granddaddy's church. She was a big hit.
Momma G finished up K's luggage. She found out that you can fit in a duffle bag very easily. It isn't as fun as crawling around though.
Aunt Amy got this cool chair and K tried to eat it. That would have been really bad for an inflatable chair.
K's little outfit made her look like a candy cane. Almost eatable herself. If many of you did not know, we actually surprised my parents for Christmas. They had thought we were going to come down on Christmas Eve after church, but we came instead on that Friday. Talk about a great surprise! We stood at their door and sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." We had a great visit and I know we are going to miss the time spent with K. I think we both got a little spoiled with all of the K time.

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