Thursday, January 18, 2007

Home Today

Today was a "snow day" for mommy so the family stayed home and hung out today. In our hanging out we discovered that K has a food allergy and we believe it is wheat bread. She currently has hives on arms, legs and head but not her body. Weird, I know. But then when has K ever been normal? So she is an itchy little girl not in a photogenic mood. Here are some pictures from within the past two months. This was a Christmas picture.
Here K was in Indiana for a day or two to visit family for the holiday.
Here is K in her first bath after the surgery. Her arm continues to do better. Now it does not look as angry as it does in this picture. Most of the stitches are still in and have not come off yet.
Here is K at her party. She was having fun talking to aunt Susan.
K is checking out what the inside of her bag looks like. It is just the right size.

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