Friday, January 19, 2007

Please Pray for K

***Update***K is continuing to get worse. We find ourselves wondering if she is going to turn completely red by the time this is done and over. In the past hour she has gotten worse. We are waiting for the on-call doctor to call us back. Please pray this gets better.
She started out with a bad reaction to some medicine that we believe was set off by wheat bread. We started giving her Benadryl and thought it would get better.
It did not. This is what she looks like and it is not getting better as far as we can see. The doctor saw her first thing this morning and gave her some allergy medicine on top of the Benadryl and it is not cutting it.
She is scratching her legs (as you can see she is covered by the hives). She wont sleep. She is a very uncomfortable baby. Please pray for her that she will get better soon. If things don't improve by morning we are supposed to call the doctor and so far it looks like he will be getting a call.


Anonymous said...

Poor sweet baby! Praying for you all! Love you guys!

Mom G

Kat said...

Speaking from experience, don't let the doctors blow you off! If you are concerned (which I'm sure you are!) demand that they see you ASAP. You shouldn't have to "wait and see" what happens! Sometimes doctors need to be hit over the head! I'm praying for you guys! Love you!